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Sarayu Grahnt by MegaBLYSTONE Sarayu Grahnt by MegaBLYSTONE
Drew this a few days ago, and then digitally drew over it in MS Paint. I would like to clarify that Sarayu here is a girl. I would also like to clarify that Vampires in this world are not undead. They are very much alive and are a separate race from Humans, Elves, etc. They only drink blood that is donated (except for vampiric criminals...) as it is required in their diet.

Sarayu Grahnt is a young vampire girl who enjoys punching things. In her childhood, she was commonly bullied. It was racial bullying. Vampires are common victims of racism. One day, while in the halls of her elementary school, Sarayu was getting picked on by a group of bullies. They called her things like "monster" and "batgirl". Those really cut deep into her psyche. But it only got worse. One of them pushed her into a wall and yelled at her to "FIGHT BACK!". She did nothing, and instead cried as she lay on the ground beside the wall. The bullies were annoyed by this, and all 4 of them began to kick her while she was down. Sarayu did nothing to stop this. She just continued crying, letting out squeaks and grunts of agony every so often. The bullies stopped for a moment, only to mentally antagonize Sarayu some more.

"Why won't you fight back, coward?!"

"She's a Vampire, a monster. I doubt she can even understand us."

"Pff. All of your people are failures. Weak, dumb, cowards."

And she took exception to that.

The assumed leader of the bullies didn't see it coming. Sarayu lifted herself up as if she wasn't injured at all, and with all of her strength, landed her fist upon the bully's face, knocking him unconscious.

The 3 others were shocked. "You'll pay for this!" They say as they are about to jump Sarayu.

A thundering voice yells "ENOUGH!". All of the bullies and Sarayu stop in place to face the principal of the school, an Orcish man called Headmaster Galyant. After both parties explaining what happened, the Headmaster sided with Sarayu and had the 4 bullies expelled for racism and assault. 

"You have heart, child. And quite the punch as it seems." The Headmaster compliments.

Sarayu only nods and says "Thank you, sir." She was never the vocal one.

"I will not sugar coat it for you, young lady. But harassing such as what happened earlier will not stop. But perhaps I can teach you how to make sure that hooligans such as those will be hesitant in causing you trouble." He says.

As it turns out, Headmaster Galyant was once a professional boxer. For the rest of her elementary life, Sarayu was taught how to fight without using weapons by the elderly Orc. But on the day of graduation into high school (as there is no middle school in this world), the Headmaster died of old age. Galyant was like a father to Sarayu (despite having her own, but he was rarely around for her). This caused her to enter a still lasting state of depression. (But she still finds alot of time to be happy nowadays).

Upon entering high school, 13 year-old Sarayu was greeted with more bullying. She was used to it by now, but she was still hurt by their words. But on the first week of school, while getting antagonized by bullies in the cafeteria, 3 fellow students came to intervene against the bullies. A Human boy named Ezekiel Wächter, a Giant boy named Isaac Erlichmann, and a Dwarf boy named Felix Stein. The bullies were nervous. Ezekiel was a professional swordsman at only 14, Felix was quite the wizard when it came to lightning magic, and Isaac was... well, a Giant.

After a totally "friendly" exchange of colorful language, the 3 boys were able to convince the bullies to leave Sarayu alone for now. 

"T-thank you..." she murmurs.

"Not a problem, Batty!" smiled the Giant. The use of a derogatory term received a prompt elbow to the ribs by the Human, causing the Giant no pain, but he got the message.

"Heh... sorry." The Giant said scratching the back of his head, absently. Sarayu was sure he didn't mean anything mean by it anyway. The Human, Dwarf, and Giant sat down at the the table where she sat alone. Unsurprisingly, the Giant caused the opposite of the table to slightly tilt upward. Nothing significant, he was a rather small Giant: only 7'9" feet about. The average for his age being almost 10 feet. 

After sitting down, the 3 boys and Sarayu got to know each other quite well. That day she lefty school smiling. She had made 3 friends. And that Ezekiel boy...

After only a month of living in a new village and going to a new school, Sarayu discovers she has a huge crush on Ezekiel. What will he think of her feelings? She already knows its useless hiding her feelings, so on the night of the new year the next day, she confesses to Ezekiel. Ezekiel is flattered, but has no feelings of that kind for her. She says she understands. And to this day they are best friends, along with Isaac and Felix.

3 years later, Sarayu finds out Ezekiel is the Chosen One of what he himself described as a "cliche prophecy", along with herself, Isaac, Felix, and two unknown others are the ones that accompany him to save the world.

I will spoil nothing further.


Name: Sarayu Grahnt
Age: 16
Race: Vampire
Appearance: Light gray skin, long pointed ears, yellow eyes with red irises, short, single pigtail in back of hair, everlasting "bed-head"
Apparel: Overalls, Tall boots
Weapons: Pair of bronze-crafted gauntlets, that are powered by steam in order to deal destructive blows.
Abilities: Can see in the dark, can seal her own wounds by drinking blood.
My personal theme song and why: none yet
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